Sunday, August 17, 2008

I sewed yesterday!

Of course, it wasn't for myself...

My BF drives a truck - a BIG truck. Although there were curtains to separate the sleeping area from the driving area, he found it a bit small back there. So I made him curtains that go beside the doors and across the windshield. That way he'll have more room to move around when he shuts down for the night.

I first ordered the curtain rod for this back in April, but had several problems with Sears and didn't receive it until two weeks ago. BF installed it and then I measured for the curtains. But he didn't get back until yesterday so I finally got the curtains made (He's leaving again today, so I had to do it yesterday...)

While I didn't actually accomplish any sewing for myself, it felt good to actually make something, and he is very happy with them.

Maybe I'll actually do something for myself today.

This morning I was browsing the preview of the September issue of BWOF and absolutely love this dress! I think I'm going to have to pick this issue up when it comes out!


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