Saturday, July 26, 2008


I was starting to work on my storyboard today for the Mini Wardrobe Contest and I came across the wardrobe plan I had saved on my computer. It is a suggested wardrobe for a "light spring" - I had my colours done many years ago. I'm not sure where I got this may have been MissusSmartyPants.

Anyway, here is the suggested 12-piece wardrobe:

1. Jacket: Ivory and Camel
2. Jacket: Camel
3. Dress: Ivory and Camel
4. Skirt: Camel
5. Skirt: Ivory and Camel
6. Skirt: Camel and Ivory Weave
7. Trousers: Camel
8. Blouse: Ivory and Camel
9. Blouse: Ivory and Clear Aqua
10. Blouse: Clear Aqua
11. Blouse: Peach and Aqua
12. Sweater/Wrap: Ivory

As I mentioned before, I have some camel in my stash for a skirt or possibly pants. I also have an ivory and camel polyester print that I'd like to make a bow front blouse with (Burda 04-2007-124? - see below), and a camel and black animal print knit for a top. Maybe I need to add an aqua top/ blouse to the mix? Still working on it...stay tuned....

Friday, July 25, 2008

You'd think I'm in mourning...

I just got back from doing a little shopping. I bought a pair of cropped pants (black of course) and four knit tops (all mostly black). Of course I didn't try the tops on at the store, so some may be going back. I also bought a pair of shoes - but they're not black! They're dark grey! LOL

Am I Crazy??

Here it is July 25 and I haven't even started my July project...So what did I do? I signed up for the Mini-Wardrobe Contest at PR. I'll need to complete 4 garments in August! 4 different garments using at least 3 different colours that make up 4 different outfits. What was I thinking?

The three different colours for me is basically a no-brainer. Black, white, and something else. I am known for the fact that I wear a LOT of black. So right now, the third colour is camel, as I have some fabric in my stash I want to use.

I'm going to try and work on the storyboard today, without obsessing! I could easily spend the next two weeks fussing with my storyboard, fabric and pattern selections, and not do any sewing. LOL!

Monday, July 21, 2008

All is forgiven...

I LOVE my new washing machine! I splurged a little and bought a canyon capacity high efficiency top loader. I can't believe how much I can fit in this thing! I used to need to do laundry almost everyday, but I think that is about to change...once I get caught up with the backlog of course! The problem is that I now need to buy a canyon capacity dryer!

Watched another movie yesterday - The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon. What a fascinating story.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We are NOT amused...

Ok. It's bad enough that Sears gives you a delivery window of 5 hours (mine was noon to 5 p.m.), but my washer did not arrive until 8:30 p.m. last night! C'mon! Three and a half hours late?!? The worst part is that when I called them after the washer had not arrived during their "window", they couldn't tell me what was causing the delay or when I might expect them to arrive. In an age of cell phones and GPS, you can't tell me where your truck is? At 5:30, I'll buy the traffic excuse, but at 7:30?

The good news is that Customer Service refunded the $50. delivery charge. And I'll be able to get through my laundry backlog this weekend (the washer is canyon capacity!). The bad news is that my evening was spent waiting and getting more p.o.ed by the minute...

I did watch a good movie yesterday afternoon while I was waiting - The Great Debaters with Denzel Washington. If you haven't seen it yet, go rent it!

Friday, July 18, 2008

No progress...

It's been a week since I updated my blog and I haven't accomplished anything. Well, I did manage to cut out and sew together one of the swimsuits for my daughters but need to do the elastic (which I'm afraid of...). Luckily, the fabric was cheap and I have enough to start over if I need to...but I'd better get to it before summer is over!

I've been carrying that Simplicity pattern around with me all week and still haven't made it to the fabric store.

I'm stuck at home today waiting for Sears to deliver my new washing machine (thank goodness! the laundry is really piling up!) so I'm hoping to get some sewing done today...

The rest of the weekend will be spent "testing" the new washer...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Project for July

I picked up this Simplicity pattern during the sale at Fabricland last week (even though I've told myself I'm on a pattern fast, I think I've bought about 10 patterns in the last couple of weeks...)
I really bought the pattern for the top but I think I'll make the jacket for my July project.
I bought the dress below last year and have never worn it. I really think it needs a little jacket, so I'm going to look for a suitable white fabric (on sale of course) and try this pattern out. Of course, I may have to wear the dress to the store in order to find something that goes well...wish me luck! And I may also need some new shoes...LOL

Ta Da!

I wore the skirt to work on Tuesday... I can't remember the last time I actually wore something I made...
It sits a little lower on the waist than I'm used to, but it was actually quite comfortable (once I got used to it...). And it didn't wrinkle as much a I thought it might.
I think it goes well with the blouse. What do you think?

Sunday, July 6, 2008


It's July 6th already, and I still haven't decided on my July project... I picked up some knit fabric at the summer clearance sale at Fabricland yesterday and I'm thinking of making a top for myself. Maybe the Jalie sweetheart top pattern I just received from Timmel Fabrics. The fabric is green and white and reminds me of a DVF dress my mother had eons ago...

I'm also planning to make swimsuits for my daughters this week. I bought the swimsuit fabric on clearance a few months ago, and finally picked up the elastic and swimsuit lining last week.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

I made these dresses for my daughters to wear today - it's tradition to wear red & white on Canada Day, especially in Ottawa. The matching headbands were made using this great tutorial.

We went downtown this afternoon to join in the Canada Day festivities (and even in a sea of people dressed in red & white, the girls stood out from the crowd), and we are heading out to see the fireworks shortly...

For some reason, this picture reminds me of the 1930 oil painting "American Gothic" by artist Grant Wood. LOL


Ta da! I finished my June garment last night! Here's a picture of the skirt alone, and with the RTW blouse. I'll post a picture later this week of me wearing the outfit.

I still haven't decided on my July garment...but I will make something!