Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I came across this on Yahoo news this morning and had to share it. You may have already seen it, but this is Danyl Johnson's audition for X Factor (another Simon Cowell show in the UK). He is an elementary school teacher. Personally, I didn't get the whole Susan Boyle thing, but this guy has star power!

Watch the audition

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long time no sew?

I haven't posted anything here for over a month, but only because I've been busy. My boss retired last week. She announced her retirement just 6 weeks ago, and my friend Sylvie and I made her a quilt as a retirement present. A king size quilt! We actually had it finished before she left. Although I had dabbled in quilting several years ago, I had never actually finished a quilt. However, Sylvie has completed several quilts, so I learned a lot from her. We had a good time working on it, it really looks beautiful, and my boss was happy with it. Sylvie has the pictures... I'll post one when she returns from her adventure in China!