Tuesday, June 1, 2010


But not for me! I wish I could be more like Elaine, aka The Selfish Seamstress. Seems like the only time I sew lately is for other people. I've replaced a zipper and hemmed a friend's pants, hemmed same friend's shower curtain, let out and hemmed pants for DBF, and made birthday dresses for my daughters. For myself? Squat. What am I going to wear to the cocktail party at PR Weekend in Montreal? How about a toga?? :)

Here is a picture of the dresses I made for my daughters. They just turned 8 years old. The pattern is Simplicity 2380.

They each chose the fabric and the lace themselves. It was an easy pattern to sew, (thankfully, since I didn't start the dresses until two days before their birthday and they wanted to wear them to school on that day), and they are happy with them. I will definitely use the pattern again, probably for the short jumpsuits. But first, I have to sew something for myself to wear on PR weekend... at least an easy knit top...