Saturday, July 26, 2008


I was starting to work on my storyboard today for the Mini Wardrobe Contest and I came across the wardrobe plan I had saved on my computer. It is a suggested wardrobe for a "light spring" - I had my colours done many years ago. I'm not sure where I got this may have been MissusSmartyPants.

Anyway, here is the suggested 12-piece wardrobe:

1. Jacket: Ivory and Camel
2. Jacket: Camel
3. Dress: Ivory and Camel
4. Skirt: Camel
5. Skirt: Ivory and Camel
6. Skirt: Camel and Ivory Weave
7. Trousers: Camel
8. Blouse: Ivory and Camel
9. Blouse: Ivory and Clear Aqua
10. Blouse: Clear Aqua
11. Blouse: Peach and Aqua
12. Sweater/Wrap: Ivory

As I mentioned before, I have some camel in my stash for a skirt or possibly pants. I also have an ivory and camel polyester print that I'd like to make a bow front blouse with (Burda 04-2007-124? - see below), and a camel and black animal print knit for a top. Maybe I need to add an aqua top/ blouse to the mix? Still working on it...stay tuned....

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