Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am so mad at myself!

I bought myself a new camcorder a few weeks ago. I've been so busy, I didn't even open the box until Christmas Eve, and even then just plugged it in to charge the batteries. So on Christmas morning, I am glancing at the instructions before my kids arrived from their dad's.

Well, last night, I decided to look at the movies from Christmas morning. Ahhhh! The only thing that turned out was when they first came in the door. After that, it appears that when I thought the camera was on, it was off, and when I thought it was off, it was on. BF didn't take pictures because I was filming the whole thing. So I don't have ANY pictures of my daughters opening their presents. I cried...hard.

My daughter saw that I was upset, and drew me this picture of us opening gifts. How cute is that??

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Sylvie said...


What a nice drawing!

I am happy the girls have like their night gown. They are probably the only twins on earth who have received a 'Hockey' hand made night gown :-) What a MOM they have.

Truly, it is not important if you have or not a souvenir of them opening their present. What counts is the feeling they have year after year, event after event of that special something Mom makes for them... no one else can do this for them and they will always remember this. So will you!

That never goes away. They are lucky to have you.