Sunday, November 30, 2008

December?? Already??

It seems to happen to me every year. One day it's Halloween, and the next day it's December 1st. Where does November go??

So I didn't get much sewing done for myself since Halloween(a little on my coat...), and now it's time to switch into full gear for the Christmas gifts. I started a tradition with my girls that they would have new pjs every Christmas Eve. Last year, I made them nightgowns, and am planning to make nightgowns again this year. Unfortunately, they are going to be with their father on Christmas Eve this year (boo hoo). This is one of the worst times of year when you are separated, especially when your kids are young. They aren't going to be many more Christmas mornings with the excitement of Santa's visit... So, I'm not sure if I'll save the nightgowns for them to open on Christmas, or send them over to Daddy's to be opened Christmas Eve.


Sylvie said...

I know what you mean... but if I were you, I would wait for the girls to come back home for the gowns. This is something they expect from Mom isn't it?

For the raincoat... it is a little late. Why don't you wait for February to work on it.

Sylvie said...

... and maybe you will have time to make yourself a nice outfit for Christmas, or even a nightgown like the girls one.

Have fun.

Shelley's Garden said...

I agree with Sylvie. They'll enjoy being able to open these presents with you. If it helps any, here's what we do in our house. We've dug up that old tradition that Christmas is a 12-day season rather than just one day. (Not that we give gifts for each day!) But we don't get the kids until the 27th or 28th so we do our gift-opening then. Then a day or two later we see their grandparents and there's more gift-opening. We've come to rather enjoy this spreading out the Christmas celebration rather than a lot of excitement on one day. But we have missed out on the Santa Claus excitement.

Anonymous said...

I know! I always have grand plans for sewing and now I'm going to have to really sit down and start making Christmas gifts. Not sure I'm going to be able to get anything out for the girls. Just working on a little idea for my girlfriends and wants to make water bottle holders for all the kids. It's crunch time!

Anonymous said...

OH, and I would have sent the nightgowns to daddy's. That way the tradition stands and there's a littel bit of you with them.