Sunday, September 7, 2008

I think too much...

I purchased some twill fabric on sale to make the muslin for my coat. I wanted to use something a little heavier that would show how the final coat would hang. But now I'm having second thoughts. I got a great deal on the fabric, but it's a dark khaki colour. Maybe I'll have trouble seeing the markings the instructor will make?

Not much time to dwell on this...the muslin has to be finished by September 15...guess I'll just jump in and hope for the best.


Sylvie said...


What about trying marking with the Sharpie pen. I know there are tons of color therefore maybe one will show better on your fabric.

I will try mine in stiffer muslin but am also having second thought... I am not sure it will reflect how the fabric will behave.

I am finally wondering if we have chosen the right fabric for our raincoat. 200$ later, we will see!

Shelley's Garden said...

Kathy, Sylvie led me to your blog. And you inspired Sylvie to do a blog and she's inspired me. As for marking -- The place you're taking the course at will probably have some product to sell you. A cheap method is using pieces of white soap to put markings on. Another tool I quite enjoy is called Chacoliner. It basically puts a white chalk mark on dark fabric. I also use something called Chacopen -- it fades over time or can be erased. I bought these through which is a Canadian company. They also have a multitude of various marking tools that work on dark fabric. You can request their catalogue which is ever so much fun to look through.