Friday, June 13, 2008

Life happens...

Once again life got in the way...One of my daughters wasn't feeling well this morning, so she stayed home with me. We made a quick trip to the fabric store to pick up a zipper and some lining material (It's very hard to linger in a store with a 6 year-old) She was feeling better by lunch time, so I did get her off to school in the afternoon which allowed me time to cut out the lining and use it as a muslin. Unlike the last New Look skirt I attempted, this pattern does seem true to the given measurements (the last one I made was huge!). So I'll need to make a few minor adjustments and should be able to cut out the skirt tomorrow.

I also found time today to put together a storage unit I bought at Ikea last weekend - my house is FULL of toys!

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Sylvie said...

I like reading your blog. Thanks for sharing with us the challenges you must go through, inspiration, choice, whish, and then real life happens. Slowly but Surely!